Dr. Karen's Critter Care
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     Dr. Karen’s Critter Care veterinary clinic is conveniently located at 827 West Wyoming Street Allentown Pa 18103. We provide competent veterinary medical and surgical services for your special friends in a clean state of the art facility.

Dr. Karen’s Critter Care specializes in affordable veterinary services for both dogs and cats. We have separate dog and cat exam facilities to provide a stress free environment for your special friend. Dr. Karen’s Critter Care provides discounts for senior citizens and multi-pet discounts to make pet care more affordable.

     The staff at Dr. Karen’s Critter Care is very courteous, thoughtful and dedicated to the  clients. They are always ready to answer questions and help out where needed.  Don’t forget to give your special friend a makeover at Karen’s Critter Spa Pet Grooming  is located at 827 W. Wyoming Street Allentown Pa 18103. 

We are EXCITED to introduce the BREED OF THE MONTH page for both CANINE

and FELINE ! Each month we will select a breed for each and invite everyone to

share stories and photos on our highlighted breeds.

*To submit a cat or dog breed request email drkarenscrittercare@gmail.com.
Please include a photo, type of breed and name. 

Breed Of the Month 

Click on the image above to see our feline & canine pets of the month!
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